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Six Bridges Completed Through Design-Build Program

Since Bridging Kentucky’s design-build project in Eastern Kentucky began late last year, six bridges in Eastern Kentucky have been designed, constructed, completed and opened fully to traffic. Meanwhile, many more are either in the process of being built or are designed and awaiting construction.

The six completed bridges are located in Bell, Clay, Knott and Letcher counties, with two in Leslie County. More bridges included in the design-build program are currently being constructed across 21 counties in Eastern and Southeastern Kentucky.

Williams Branch Road bridge over the Middle Fork of the Kentucky River in Leslie County, completed in June 2020.

The design-build project — part of the larger Bridging Kentucky Program — is a statewide initiative that represents an unprecedented commitment by the Commonwealth to improve the safety and soundness of bridges across Kentucky. Using an innovative design-build approach to bring additional value to this bridge program, the design-build project aims to advance construction of more than 100 bridges located in the region under one contract.

Overall, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has restored more than 200 bridges statewide through the Bridging Kentucky Program.