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100+ Bridges Completed in 2020 through the Bridging Kentucky Program

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) is closing out the year having substantially completed more than 100 bridge projects over the course of 2020 and nearly 120 bridge projects since December 2019. KYTC completed construction of more bridges in 2020 than any other year in the history of the Cabinet — a major milestone for KYTC’s Bridging Kentucky program.

In 2020, KYTC restored at least one bridge in more than half of Kentucky’s counties through the Bridging Kentucky program, with the largest number of projects occurring in Western and Eastern Kentucky. The Bridging Kentucky program has completed about 250 bridges to date, with an additional 107 bridge projects that have been awarded and await construction in 2021.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s Bridging Kentucky program is a commitment to improving the safety and soundness of the Commonwealth’s bridges by rehabilitating, repairing or replacing critical bridges throughout the state. The program is designed to re-open closed structures, ensure structures meet appropriate weight capacities, and extend the lifespan of bridges.

The program prioritizes repairs and replacements for bridges in the worst condition and with significantly reduced load capacities; closed bridges; and bridges that are part of vital routes for emergency vehicles, busses, and commercial traffic.

As of December 11, 25 bridge projects are under active construction through the Bridging Kentucky program.