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Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Completes 265 Bridge Projects Through Bridging Kentucky Program

Program marks progress heading into busy 2021 construction year

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has made major progress in the last year improving bridges that are critical to the state’s infrastructure.

Since January of last year, the state has completed more than 150 bridge projects – in all parts of the state – through its Bridging Kentucky program. Overall, KYTC has completed more than 265 projects since the inception of the innovative program, which ensures that bridges on rural and urban roads are safe and sound.

“The primary goal of this program continues to be finding efficient ways to rehabilitate or replace bridges so that they are safe and able to support the weight of today’s heavier vehicles that cross them,” said Royce Meredith, KYTC’s Program Manager for Bridging Kentucky. “As the program reopens more bridges to traffic, roads all across the Commonwealth will steadily become safer for Kentucky drivers.”

KYTC has completed more than 265 bridge projects across the Commonwealth through the innovative Bridging Kentucky program.

In addition to the more than 265 bridge projects that have been completed, more than 100 projects have been awarded and are awaiting construction. Currently, 15 bridge projects are currently under construction in 13 counties across the state.

“As the weather warms, we will start a busy construction season across the state, ensuring that more bridges are improved and able to support the state’s needs for decades to come,” Meredith said.

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